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Reliable bank system

Actually all financial institutions leading in the world are concentrated in Hong Kong. 69 of 100 largest banks in the world operate in Hong Kong. Attractiveness of the financial system of Hong Kong is ensured by the fact that the Hong Kong banks are supported by stability of the financial system of China, by openness and transparency of the monetary and credit policy, they are one of the most reliable places to store the deposits and to open the bank accounts used in the commercial activity. You can find more detail on the website of Hong Kong Monetary Authority (

Confidentiality of Information.

In virtue of the local legislation no one of the Hong Kong banks has a right to reveal information about the client without his preliminary consent, except the cases when the client is supposed to participate in the criminal activities or in the illegal money laundering, or when the Department of fiscal taxes of Hong Kong has the grounds to believe that the client dodge taxes of Hong Kong. And information received by the Department of fiscal taxes of Hong Kong also may not be revealed to anybody including local and foreign authorities.