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Annual Return

In accordance with the Hong Kong  Companies Ordinance companies are to apply the annual return of the company status to the Registrar within 42 days after earch anniversary of the establishment of the company.

The Annual Return must contain:

  • the name of the company; 
  • indication of the organizational and legal form; 
  • legal address; 
  • the date of submission  of return; 
  • if the company has a share capital: 

- particularities relating to shareholders and the company shareholders' equity; 
- number of shares from each shareholder. 

  • information on directors and secretaries at the time of the return; 
  • if the company is not registered as a private company, the company must include in the return: 

- a copy of a balance certified by director (secretary, manager);
- audit report for the relevant period.

The fee for submitting the return to the Registrar, provided that the return is delivered in due time according to the legislation, is HK $ 105. If the return is not in time, the submission of the report would entail payment of fines:

from 42 days to 3 months

HK$870 (US$112)

from 3 to 6 months

HK$1,740 (US$224)

from 6 to 9 months

HK$2,610 (US$336)

from 9 months and on

HK$3,480 (US$448)