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Employer's return

All Company engaged in business in Hong Kong are required to submit to the Inland Revenue Department information on  employees whose income exceeds the limit of $ HK 100.000 for the year, regardless of whether the employee worked in or outside Hong Kong. The company may provide additional information in the notes to the declaration. For example, if the employee was in  Hong Kong less than  60 days during the period for which information is filed, the employee of the company is not obliged to pay tax. The requirement to submit information on the staff comes from the Inland Revenue Department in April of each year (usually the first working day of April). Filling in and submitting information on income must be performed within 30 days from the date of receipt of the requirement. After the information on income is put into declaration, one copy of the declaration is passed to the employee. Then all the tax payment obligations are fully borne by the company`s employee.