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Hong Kong’s global Foreign Direct Investment inflows ranked third in 2012, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development's World Investment Report 2013 released today.
Foreign Direct Investment flows into Hong Kong exceeded US$75 billion in 2012, compared to a revised US$96 billion in 2011.
The report said the situation has been improving since the end of 2012 as strong capital inflows resumed into Hong Kong. Hong Kong ranked behind the US (US$167.6 billion) and Mainland China (US$121 billion).
Invest Hong Kong's Investment Promotion Director-General Simon Galpin said against the backdrop of a global decline in investment, Hong Kong remains a significant conduit for both inbound and outbound investment.
 Global Foreign Direct Investment inflows in 2012 reached US$1.35 trillion, contracting 18% over 2011.

Inflows are expected to gradually pick up to US$1.6 trillion in 2014 and US$1.8 trillion in 2015.
Hong Kong ranked fourth in the world in 2012 with US$83.9 billion in outbound investment, behind the US (US$328.8 billion), Japan (US$122.5 billion) and Mainland China (US$84.2 billion), but ahead of the UK (US$71.4 billion).
Mr Galpin said Hong Kong remains attractive for multinationals using the city as regional headquarters, adding the city has become a centre of global operations for leading companies.
Many Mainland companies are using Hong Kong as their springboard to go global, he said, adding there are many opportunities for the city.