Chamber Supports Electoral Reforms

On Tuesday, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress approved amending the annexes to the Basic Law to improve the electoral system of Hong Kong. These included: 

  • Expanding the size and function of the Election Committee to cover every stratum of society, based on the principle of broad representation and balanced participation;
  • Increasing the number of seats in the Legislative Council to help attract more talent from various backgrounds to further broaden representation in LegCo; and
  • Establishing a Candidate Eligibility Review Committee to ensure that candidates fulfil the criteria and principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong.”

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce supports the amendments as we believe the changes will ensure a stable and orderly business environment, while safeguarding our autonomy under the “One Country, Two Systems,” as well as improve the function and work of LegCo. 

Members of HKGCC’s General Committee met with the Financial Secretary Paul Chan this morning to discuss changes to Hong Kong’s electoral system and exchanged views from the business sector’s perspective.