Civil Service Pay Adjustment Reasonable Given Circumstances

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) welcomes the Government’s decision to set civil servants’ pay rises this year to 2.5%, which it believes is reasonable given the difficult business environment.

The business sector had previously been concerned about the recommendations of the Pay Trend Survey Committee in May, which suggested junior, middle-level and senior civil servants might get a pay rise of 2.04%, 4.55%, and 7.26% respectively. The economy contracted sharply during the 5th wave of the pandemic and many businesses are still struggling to recover.

The Chamber is pleased to see that the Government has taken the current challenging business conditions and uncertain economic outlook into consideration in formulating the pay adjustment. The 2.5% rise should ease the burden of possible increases in staff costs that business will need to bear, especially SMEs, as a result of the ripple effect from civil servants’ pay adjustment.