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About us

Corporate values of our company


Objects of our Company:

  • to ensure the mutual trust and mutually advantageous cooperation with our Client;
  • to assure the further growth and geographic expansion of the company;
  • to conduct systematic study of requirements and expectations of our Client by market research;
  • to provide to full satisfaction the requirements and expectations of our Client;
  • to provide a high standard of communication with our Client;
  • to comply with the laws and ethics of doing business.

Principles of our Company:

  • The mutually advantageous cooperation, which means:

we are interested in the successful development of our Client.

  • The long-term cooperation, which means:

we are interested in the long-term partnership with each Client. In this connection we follow the reached arrangements.

  • The honesty, which means:

we honestly and openly conduct our relationship with our Client and hope for the client’s reciprocity.

  • Close cooperation, which means:

we take into account the interest and the point of view of our Client; we exchange information in a swift but thorough manner to find the compromises and solutions.

  • Privacy policy, which means:

we care about confidentiality for our Client’s information and Client’s business activity.

  • The documents and information relating to our Client are stored in our offices in Hong Kong. We aware of the importance of keeping our client’s information and business activity confidential and make all possible arrangement for its maximum protection.