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Company Registration in Hong Kong
There are 2 ways of forming a company in Hong Kong: by either setting up a whole new company or purchasing a shelf company (or named ready-made company):
  • to register a new company;
  • to buy a shelf company.


Registration of a New Company Includes the Following Services:
  • Proposed name availability check (Name reservation is not applicable in Hong Kong);
  • Preparation of documents for company registration;
  • Registration of a Company in Companies Registry;
  • Registration of a Company in Inland Revenue Department;
  • Payment of registration fees;
  • Provision the registered secretary and registered address;
  • Apostille of documents.

 The time limit for company's registration is 3 weeks.

Purchasing of a Shelf Company
The proposed companies have never been used anywhere; have good legal status, and all annual governmental fees and duties are paid. No bank accounts have opened in the name of these companies.

The registered Directors and Shareholders of shelf companies are individuals as well as legal entities provided by MB Consultants (HK) Limited. The owner of the company can use the services of nominee Directors/Shareholders or to file the details of persons authorized to act on behalf of the company. 

The list of shelf companies is available upon the request. To submit the requests please follow this reference.

Procedure «Know Your Client»
Company MB Consultants (HK) Limited follows the procedure "Know Your Client". First of all to obtain reliable and correct information regarding the directors and shareholders of the Hong Kong company and to provide the client with  feedback.

For the company registration the following documents are required:

  • The name of the company (it is desirable to provide 2 — 3 names);
  • For the Beneficial owner(s): passport copy, address, contact phone numbers, e-mail;
  • For each individual Director(s)/ Shareholder(s): internal passport copy, address, contact phone numbers, e-mail;
  • For each corporate Director(s)/ Shareholder(s): the copies of corporate documents, documents, confirming the appointment of Director and the powers of an authorized person to act on behalf of the company, contact phone numbers, e-mail.
  • The business activities of the company.


Annual Maintenance of Companies in Hong Kong
MB Consultants (HK) Limited provides annual support of companies registered in Hong Kong.  The services include:
  • Secretarial services;
  • Nominee Directors and Nominee Shareholders services;
  • Business Registration;
  • Annual Return;
  • Provision of accounting services;
  • Arranging of  annual audit;
  • Profit Tax Return;
  • Employee's Return.


Secretarial Services
MB Consultants (HK) Limited company provides the full range of secretarial services. The services include:
  • preparing corporate documents related to share transfer and filing to the Stamp Duty Office  of Inland Revenue Department;
  • preparing and filing to the Companies Registry the documents relating to the appointment/resignation of Directors or to any changes of Directors personal details;
  • obtaining any official certificates, forms, copies of corporate documents from the Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department;
  • preparing and keeping of Corporate Minutes Books, Register of Power of attorney and other corporate documents;
  • certification and legalization of documents;
  • preparing and filing  documents for company's new name registration and for  amendments  to  Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • preparing documents and registration of authorized capital increase;
  • liquidation of the company.


Virtual Office in Hong Kong
A virtual office is a perfect solution for the office and the head. The best way to run your business without any expenses for an office rent and employees' salary.

Virtual office service includes:

  • providing a phone number with call forwarding;
  • providing a phone number to receive fax messages;
  • providing a phone number to receive voice messages;
  • providing postal address with post transmittal;
  • providing secretarial services;
  • providing e-mail address;
  • providing an hourly rent of office and conference room.

Depending on the needs of a customer we can offer a various options for the use of a remote office. For more information please contact the staff of our company.


Company Search
The company MB Consultants (HK) Limited provides companies search service and verification of information service regarding the company’s data. We can get the information that was filed with  the Hong Kong Government Registration Authority, for verification of information regarding directors, shareholders, secretary, registered office, limitations (encumbrances) on the company, as well as any changes in constitutional documents. According to Hong Kong legislation the information related to financial reporting and audit reporting of Private Limited Company has closed access for third parties, only the director of this company can obtain such information.


Opening Bank Accounts
MB Consultants (HK) Limited provides assistance with opening bank accounts in the following Hong Kong banks:

 Basically, the procedure of opening a bank account consists the following steps:

  • Choosing a bank to open an account. MB Consultants will help you to choose the most appropriate and convenient bank for the client based on the bank account service charge and the easiness of use.
  • Assisting in the preparation of a full package of documentation required in accordance with the requirements of the bank to open an account.
  • Almost all banks in Hong Kong are require the director`s  personal presence. Therefore it is necessary to take care of that in advance for the purpose of the director’s arrival to Hong Kong for an interview.
  • MB Consultants (HK) Limited provides a full set of documents to the bank and makes appointment for the Client for an interview at the bank. (At a convenient time for the Client).
  • Client arrives to Hong Kong for an interview and is accompanied by MB Consultants (HK) Limited staff to the bank. The client tells to the manager of the bank about principles and directions of his business activity. After that if the bank decides to open a bank account the necessary bank forms need to be signed.

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