HKGCC Welcomes 0+3; Hopes Next Step Will Be Full Reopening

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) greatly welcomes the Government’s decision to end mandatory hotel quarantine for incoming visitors and allow them to monitor themselves for three days under home medical surveillance, starting from 26 September.

The move to 0+3 will help to ease the burden on residents returning to the city and international travellers. The decision to replace the need for a negative PCR test 48 hours before boarding a flight to Hong Kong with a negative RAT result will also facilitate travellers.

Allowing people arriving at the airport to complete their PCR test and then take any transport they wish to go home or to a hotel without having to wait is another positive step forward.

When the number of local infection cases has come down and stabilized, the Chamber hopes the Government can also relax the local social-distancing restrictions to allow normal activities in the catering, retail, conference and services sectors, given the Vaccine Pass has proven its effectiveness.

With the economy in negative growth and our hard-earned competitiveness being rapidly eroded across all sectors, as our decline in global rankings from being an aviation hub to a finance centre clearly show, the Chamber is pleased to see the Government is taking a more proactive approach and will soon peel off all of Hong Kong’s restrictive anti-pandemic measures in step with the rest of the world.