Bank Account Set-up

Open Bank Account in Hong Kong

Choosing a bank:


Open International Bank Account

CIM Banque:

  • Initial deposit: 10000 СHF.

  • Minimum balance: 10000 CHF.

  • Distance access to the account: available

  • Nominee shareholders and directors are not advisable

  • Opening procedure: an applicant shall either visit the bank office in Switzerland or pass an on-line interview remotely.


How MBC Can Help Your Business Open An Account

  • We do a preliminary check with the bank.

  • Preparation of company documents: this includes the NNC1 Incorporation form, Articles of Association, Business Registration Certificate and Certificate of Incorporation.

  • Translation and verification / certification: documents produced to a bank shall be in English or Chinese. If the documents aren’t in English, we can assist in preparing a certified copy translated into English.

  • MBC assists in arranging an appointment with the bank. The meeting takes about one hour, and you should be prepared to explain your business in detail to the bank’s officer.

  • MBC will keep in touch with the bank throughout the account opening process.


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