Day-to-Day Administration

Secretarial Services

According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, every company must appoint a company secretary, who must be an ordinary resident in Hong Kong, a HK qualified accounting or legal professional, or a HK trust or company services providers licensee (TCSP).

Being the licensed TCSP, MBC provides the company’s members and directors the following secretarial services:

  • Registered Secretary of a company

  • Registered Office in Wan Chai

  • Remind clients about various statutory compliance deadlines

  • Provide free consulting on ordinary corporate issues to help clients to comply with HK statutory requirements

  • Keep and maintain registers and statutory records of a company

  • Submit annual returns and reports to the Company Registry and Business Registration Office on behalf of clients

  • Organise the meeting of directors and shareholders and draft company resolutions and minutes

  • Assist in transfer shares and shares allotments

  • Assist in filing of amendments to the Board Directors

  • Assist with certification documents by CPA, Notary Public and Commissioner for Oath and legalisation documents via Apostille or in a Consulate

  • Search of Hong Kong companies at Company Registry


Designated Representative Services

Effective from 1st March 2018, every Hong Kong company is required to obtain and maintain up-to-date beneficial ownership information through keeping a Significant Controllers Register (“SCR”). A company must designate at least one person to provide assistance relating to the company’s significant controllers register.

MBC provides Designated Representative services for Hong Kong companies, which includes:

  • Identifying company controlling persons and obtaining beneficial ownership information

  • Preparing, keeping and maintaining up-to-date information of SCs in the SCR

  • Storing the SCR in Hong Kong, notifying the Companies Registry about changing the location of the SCR


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