Running a Business in Hong Kong

You can run your Hong Kong business from any country in the world. As a foreigner, you can own 100% of your business in Hong Kong, and you may be the sole director of a company.

If you are considering launching an office in Hong Kong, MBC can help you find a suitable office and staff to facilitate your business development.

There is a wide range of premises to suit all sizes and types of businesses in Hong Kong. We can help you to rent an appropriate office and connect you with relevant service providers.

If you are not planning to run your business by yourself, you need the right employees to grow the business.

The Hong Kong labour market is easily regulated. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the legal formalities involved in the hiring process:

  • an employer should have an employment contract with its employees in writing;
  • an employer should notify the Inland Revenue Department regarding the commencement of employment by submitting the IR56E form;
  • an employer should maintain copies of an employees’ Hong Kong identity card;
  • an employer should pay contributions to the Mandatory Provident Fund.

MBC provides support on all of the above issues related to hiring local employees.


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